Our story

Sott'oli Chicche del Casentino
Confetture Chicche Del Casentino
Gelatine Chicche Del Casentino

Our story begins in July 2010... After a long pilgrimage to search of an unspoiled sheered place, finally landing in a beautiful free island in the middle of the Casentino Forests, where the majesty of ancient trees, the clarity and freshness of water streams and the deafening silence of those valleys received us in an endless timeless huge hug, our heart had a burst of joy: we had finally found “home.”

Aware of the great treasure we had received, we have been engaged to immediately transform every single fruit of this land into something useful for us and for other people, and for this reason the bush rosehip became a jam while elderflower a tasty syrup; they received appreciation and praises when we served them to our guests in the farmhouse.

And so, almost for fun were born “Le Chicche del Casentino” a brand that today is known and appreciated by a large number of Italian families. Our company/farm of about 80 hectares, produces most of the fruits and vegetables for the production of jams, jellies and vegetables pickled in oil, ensuring the authenticity and freshness. All phases of the production of our products still take place in the old traditional way, both the cutting of raw materials and the pot processing of each package, to ensure a higher quality of the final product, are strictly “handmade”.

Our internal laboratory uses a professional system for the vacuum cooking, able to preserve the organoleptic properties of the product and to avoid the caramelization of the sugars, a system of sterilization and pasteurization able to detect the temperature in the heart of the product, ensuring the accuracy of the production process, in accordance with the sanitary standards.

Our vegetables pickled in oil are all preserved in extra virgin olive oil, so they are ready to be served, not to be drained. Our jams are exclusively produced with pulp and juice, excluding skin and seeds; we do not use preservatives or colorants of any kind. Our every single recipe has been previously created, tasted, proper and refined to get an unusual, different, delicious and delightful taste.

But the feature to which we “of the Chicche” care about most is the “vitality” of our raw materials, that is the short amount of time from harvesting to packaging. In fact every product is collected a few minutes before being put into production, avoiding long periods of storage and preservation, which would inevitably degrade the taste and the vitality of the substances. Watching a jar just packed we like to think that only a few hours before that fruit was still attached to the plant.